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        Business - Telephone Print

        Ask about our "hosted" solutions for your business today! Call 1-800-794-9999

        Phone Systems

        Click here for Mitel products

        Click here for Avaya products

        The following are phone systems that are sold and installed by United Communications, Inc.

        Voice Mail Systems

        The following are voice mail systems which are sold and installed by United Communications Inc.

        Call Accounting Systems

        The following are call accounting systems sold and installed by United Communications, Inc.

        • INN-Form XL
        • Win-Sense

        Paging Systems

        • Bogen
        • Valcom


        United Communications also services the following phone systems:

        Structured Wiring

        • Cabling for Data, Voice, and Paging
        • All data cabling will be tested, labeled, and certified
        • Signamax-certified installers, which allows up to a 25-year warranty on cabling

          Contact Information:

          For more information about our business phone systems please contact us:

          Phone: 620.227.8641
          Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it